Your Christmas Celebration

Picture this: the pub windows are steamed up, you can just about see the street lights glowing outside, and the fairy lights twinkling on the tree flash patterns onto the dark evening like your very own northern lights. Your sister elbows you as she cuts into her tender roast beef, but you don't mind because this is the closest you've been to her since last year and you've spent the evening so far laughing over your glasses of mulled wine. You look at your own plate, at the turkey you didn't have to cook, and at the table, covered in scraps of wrapping paper and sellotape which you won't have to clean up. You're warm and happy and so is everyone else - you can feel the buzz in the air as everyone waits for the music to start in the venue.
This is where all the big names of rock 'n' roll started out, and it's kept that homely, everyone-is-welcome vibe. The great selection of craft ales and beer offers something for everyone, and for those who like to keep it traditional, we have two words: MULLED WINE. We can take sit-down-Christmas office parties and dinner bookings of up to 80 and drinks & canapés parties of up to 200. Whether it's a party or your family Christmas day lunch, give us a call and let us take care of your Christmas 2020- you've earned it!

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From a three-course feast to a weekend away, or simply a quiet couple of pints in their favourite local, treat someone special and give the gift of the pub this Christmas.

The gift of the pub